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Our vision and mission | Tripper's vision is to be the strategic partner of choice at origin for customers in search of vanilla, sweet spices and other natural ingredients. We consider it our mission to be a reliable, ethical supplier for customers looking for socially responsible natural and organic solutions.

Our products | It's our business to provide clean, safe and traceable sweet spices and other natural ingredients consistent with international quality assurance standards, such as ISO 22000:2005. It's our aim to do this in a responsible way, to the benefit of people, planet and profit.

Our employees | Like any modern multinational company, Tripper aims to empower its employees whenever and wherever possible: whether in production or office, in Bali or Jakarta. Our employees are trained to do their work safely and efficiently. We give opportunities for skills development. On a regular basis we send employees to our sales office in the USA. Tripper does more then Indonesian labor laws require and we are an equal opportunity employer. We pay higher wages, we provide healthcare insurance for our employees and their families, and we apply strict safety measures. Our HR-system ensures transparency, equality and opportunity.

Our suppliers | Throughout our two decade history, we have built relationships with local growers striving for long-term partnerships that strengthen business mutually. We look to improve local livelihoods of the farmers, who are still predominantly living and farming under traditional circumstances. As a decent company we want our suppliers to live decent lives. We make sure that basic human rights are observed: no social injustice like forced, involuntary or child labor and the freedom to organize and bargain collectively.

Our environment | Tripper strives to keep its carbon footprint as light as possible. We convinced our raw material suppliers to switch their packaging to a reusable material. In our factory and warehouses everything is recycled and our offices are 95% paper free. We minimize energy use for our operations and offices. Finished goods are only shipped in fully stuffed containers to reduce the product's environmental cost. We avoid producers that use non-sustainable, environmentally unfriendly cultivation methods. Year by year we increase the number of our organic suppliers.


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FOOD SAFETY POLICY PT TRIPPER NATURE: To provide our customers with the safest, high quality spice ingredients meeting or exceeding their expectations, in compliance with statutory and regulatory while ensuring on time delivery"